Monday, 20 July 2015

Exclusive: 7 Factors that Helped Dbanj Clinch the MAMA Evolution Award

Its Don Jazzy again! Or sorry D’banj again, on Saturday, D’banj clinched the Evolution Category of the MTV Africa Music Awards (MAMA). This is the Koko Master’s Second MAMA’s and it is very well deserved.

Here are 7 factors that helped D’banj clinch the Evolution Award.

1. Bonang Methebe Factor- D’banj’s current girlfriend is South African and she is perhaps the most celebrated entertainment/media female personality in Southern Africa. Remember that MAMA was hosted in South Africa. All things work together right. The relationship which has been well maintained over several months worked the right magic for D’banj. 

2. Brand Power Factor: D’banj has created a great brand in the African Music Industry and for years to come, he will never ever be forgotten. His Koko is a great koko because everywhere he goes, he is a trail blazer who has redefined the way we see music.

3. Humility – As popular as he is D’banj walks around with a lot of humility, he publicly acknowledged his co nominees without idolising them. He also did a 15 seconds playful video with one Africa’s biggest names, Chameleon and this was a very calculative move that didn’t put him against them.

4. Media Stunts – His deft media stunts before the awards also put all odds in his favour. He dropped a bang video Knocking on my Door, two days before the awards. His Radio interview on Beat FM and Cool FM before travelling directly to South Africa.

5. Online PR Team – Immediately he was nominated, his online team made a lot of noise, everywhere, on BBM, on Facebook, on Twitter, the buzz was everywhere. It was a total online shutdown canvassing for people to vote for D’banj.

6. American Powerful Stars as Friends and Partners - From Common to Kanye West to Jay Z to  Trey Song to Big Sean to Beyonce to Snoop Dog and other American superstars and even world richest man, Bill Gate they all know his name or have worked or partied with him. In case you don’t know, MAMA is the African franchise of US MTV which has massive global influence and reach and Dbanj is a charismatic brand they  all adore!

7. Frenemies with Don Jazzy – D’banj publicly acknowledged Don Jazzy and he also dedicated the award to Don Jazzy, his former partner,that was one of the most iconic moments of the night. The kiss with Bonang too, that thrilled the audience.

This act will be one of the most talked about topic for a long time and therefore win more 'enemies' and 'indifferents' to Dbanj's camp!